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Why To Be Mindful

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Hand with Reflecting Sphere

Know that what you present to the world is a story of who you are; it is not who you are.
Know that to a good extent you believe the story.
Know that believing it is the result of habit.
Know that the habit started out as a strategic response to getting and not getting what you wanted.
Know that you can easily be lost in the story.
Through mindful observation, strive to know your story as being a story.
Know that there is a part of you strategically making up your story; its job is to manufacture and manage your story.
Know that the story it creates is based on putting a spin on facts and even on projections and fantasies.
Know that that spin is based on your values, judgments, desires, fears, associations, perceptions, and misperceptions.
Know that this part of you even spontaneously creates variations to your story.
Know that it spontaneously creates variations to fit its understanding of circumstances and people you meet.
Know that sometimes you are conscious of this and sometimes unconscious.
Know that even though this part of you is creating the story, it is lost in the story.
Through mindful observation, strive to know this part of you.
Know that this part of you has no judgments, no preferences, no fears or desires.Know that a part of you is watching all this happening; it is free of agenda.
Know that this part of you is your access to such things as perspective, freedom, and spaciousness.
Know that this part of you is “bigger” than the story you habitually believe yourself to be.
Know that the understanding that this part of you has is on a much deeper level than simply not being lost.
Through mindful observation, strive to access this part of you.
Through mindful observation, know the story you present, know you are not your story, and access freedom.

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