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Summer Tweeting

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It’s been several months since I posted my last blog.  That timing coincides with when I started traveling before the start of summer.  I’m still out and about, indulging in various adventures and, while I haven’t been blogging, I’ve been posting about 3 or 4 tweets a day on Twitter.

I used to not like Twitter – I didn’t care to be as informed as it enabled me to be about the details of activities of the people I was following.  But when I started tweeting, myself, I discovered it was a more effective way to wake people up.  And I discovered writing the sort of tweets I write triggered a sort of endorphin high.  Getting big ideas down to 140 characters or less became an art form, a dance with words.

I think you’ll find that reading them is like an interactive dance wherein, reading one at a time, you can get very present, go inside, and engage consciously with what it points your attention to.  In this sense, they are a bit like an Oracle, offering you a window which provides insight into yourself, your life, your choices, your ability to choose.   They invite you to be honest with yourself – intimately honest – and to consider making adjustments to be more in alignment with who you want to be, what you want in your inner experience and outer life, and how you want to effect the world.

Please consider following me on Twitter.  Just press the Twitter button on my website or go to!/jimlehrman.   And I welcome your comments here, as well.


Here are the tweets I’ve done so far:


Could it be that every individual has a mystical part of them, an adventuring part, and an enlightened one, clouded at times by neurosis?


Ponder this for triple the amount of time you’d like to: In what ways is your vulnerability more of a blessing than a curse?


Are you “working” at having fun? Fun is more a function of attitude than of activity. Lighten up & take responsibility for what you bring.


While the names faces themes & clubs u formally or informally belong 2 can change, are your patterns staying the same? Where are u taking u?


Make space for wonder in ur life & in the lives of others. Recognize when it occurs in you or others. Stay with it. Cherish those moments.


Treat your insights with respect; explore if & how to translate them into action & into results that honor the significance of the insight.


It is valuable to be aware what your virtues are. (eg respectful, generous, fun) They are resources. Explore who these virtuous selves are.
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