A Study of the Benefits of a Personal Development Exercise

Step 1: Introduction

hourglassThank you for being interested in participating in a study intended to evaluate the benefits of an exercise in which people track their movement of attention.

Participation in this study is an opportunity to enhance your ability to be present and consciously aware, moment by moment.  Benefits of this enhancement are diverse and plentiful, ranging from understanding situations better to being more effective in your responses to circumstances to having a richer experience of being alive, moment by moment.

Participation requires no exchange of money but you are required to make a 30 day commitment, along with the commitment to keep track of aspects of your experience on a daily basis.  Missing a day here or there is acceptable (but discouraged).  The exercise is something you will likely benefit from and you are welcome to use it long after the 30 day commitment.  Anyone, of any age and any location, is invited to participate.

The exercise takes just 60 seconds to do.  Tracking results takes about 60 seconds, as well.  Additionally, there are 3 simple quick-to-answer questions you are asked to answer on days 15 and 30.  At completion, on day 30, there are simple checkbox questions, a few demographic questions, and 2 simple self-reflective questions, all of which can be completed in 5 minutes.   And you are responsible to get the completed forms back to me.

If you’re reading this and choose not to make the commitment, you are welcome to use the exercise and not be part of the study.  But I do appreciate if you would commit to being part of it, for the furtherance of the development of practical tools for personal development.  People who make and complete the commitment will be invited to participate in future studies based on exercises I’ve developed through the years that help people enhance their ability to be present, effective, and fulfilled.

This exercise is a beginning step in a systematic process of developing attention skills and applying those skills in day to day life.  In my work over the past 40 years, I have focused on developing tools that enhance people’s ability to take responsibility for their experience and thus be more in control of their lives.  Developing very sharp skills of attention is where that ability starts.  Having seen many people attain great success with these exercises through face-to-face work and working with some on the phone, I’m doing this research prior to transposing my work into an online program.

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