Christmas Aikido – The Gift of Conscious Awareness

 Aikido – the skillful redirection of an opposing force, resulting in having that same force work to your advantage.


Fellow Travelers,

It’s common for old unwanted feelings to arise around holidays, especially family-oriented holidays like Christmas. Whether you’re surprised by it or used to it, when that happens it’s an opportunity to observe unresolved layers of your personality – the actual mechanics of your psychology – from the vantage point of conscious awareness. While a common desire would be the self-improvement of making the unwanted feelings simply go away, what I value more is self-discovery which inevitably leads to self-improvement: mastery through deep self-understanding.

Conscious awareness of your in-the-moment experience is what lights up the path of functional, compassionate self-understanding and mastery. This season, I’d like to give you the gift of conscious awareness.

I am offering private training by phone in practical mindfulness from now through January at the greatly reduced rate of $60 per hour. Please contact me if this is the season you want to deepen your connection with yourself in this way.  It’s an opportunity to improve your connection with the world around you and enhance your effectiveness in being a creative force on many levels.

And with a deal like this, why wait?

May your holidays be mindful and warm.



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