Conflict Management

CONFLICTS SOMETIMES ARISE between collaborators in the development of a creative project, regardless of whether the contribution of each participant is creative, administrative, or technical. I specialize in the constructive response to conflict within such creative collaborations as music, literature, film and television, theater, art, business, couples, and friendships.


With over 35 years experience, I take a proactive role in guiding the process of responsible win-win problem solving. If you are in a dispute that might jeopardize the further development of your creative project, I offer tools to address a partnership in crisis and know how to put attention where it is needed even after the situation seems irreparable. I can enable you to avoid the financial burden and limited outcome of litigation while putting the project back on its path towards a satisfying completion.

I will help you create a road map to agreement, allowing for continuation and completion of your creative project. The process will guide you towards clarity and fulfillment of your personal and professional goals, and ground your relationship in a shared understanding of its merits and its vulnerabilities. You will acquire practical tools to help you make desired changes come about in a cooperative and focused atmosphere. Preserve your investment – give me a call or email me to discuss your concerns.

Mediation is the process of resolving conflict through positive intention, practical strategy, and expert skill. I turn this into a compassionate and transformative process of helping two or more people explore their conflicting perspectives and the basis for their investments in those perspectives. Through facilitating openness and honestly, trust and receptivity, and attention to shared values and vision, the differing perspectives meld into one collective assessment with everyone then being able to entertain what is possible. With this “right alignment”, moving towards solutions becomes a creative process. Disparate goals, beliefs, and understandings transform into a commonly held respect for agreements created through shared effort of reconciliation.


“The harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph.”  –  Thomas Paine