Personal Statement

Personal Statement

This is a categorical display of a variety of my involvements over the past 35 years. I admit, it is an unconventional presentation of a fairly non-traditional path in life. I have been proactively self-directed through most of my life and have enjoyed filling my time with whatever was mutually enriching. There have been times when I sought out stimulating involvements and there have been times when I was the one sought after.

This Vitae contains lists of my involvements, followed by narrative descriptions to support the items contained in the lists (See NOTES section). Reading through these notes that appear at the end of the Vitae traces a rich and unusual work life, full of colorful characters and cutting-edge projects. They read like a book. The notes are arranged in alphabetical order, like a glossary, to make referencing easier.

Prior to getting married, I routinely worked at several projects concurrently. I’ve enjoyed diversity while common values have always driven my commitment. As you can see by my involvements, I have been drawn to inspire and be inspired, to discover and to facilitate discovery, to empower and to be empowered. My energy has gone towards supporting the vision of a world that compassionately expresses concern for humanity, consideration for a future of quality, and the commitment to such fundamentally spiritual values as taking responsibility for one’s own experience. Amidst a multitude of involvements, my Vitae reveals an eclecticism in which I have applied myself in depth and in quality in working with people, organizations, and ideas. Regardless of the context or position, my work has essentially been the same. I simply pay attention very well and respond with commitment and presence. The situation has always been second to this fundamental connection. I am held in high regard by clients, associates, and mentors alike. References are available to attest to my effectiveness.

I got married in 1986 and began a family in 1989. For 18 years, my attention has been more close to home. I have been a very present part of my children’s lives, including playing a major role in their homeschooling, as well as in the schooling of their peers. Through this time I maintained a psychotherapy and mediation practice, and continued teaching, writing, and consulting. My two children are now artists – a photographer and an actor. We live in Los Angeles where my youngest daughter plays Jeremy Piven’s daughter on HBO’s Entourage. It is here, in the Entertainment Capital of The World that I am focusing on mediation for collaborators of creative projects.

I make myself available as a consultant on a project basis in any areas in which I can help clarify vision, purpose, or expression, help get someone or something back on track or back in balance, or help participants align their process in common unity.

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