Success Stories

“Jim Lehrman has a talent that supersedes the title “therapist”.  He has an innate ability to decipher what’s behind the anxiety, the post traumatic stress, the depression.  I know because he worked miracles with me in a very short period of time with something that had been plaguing me for a very long period of time.  He is compassionate and again, most remarkably, it’s not about weeks and months of therapy but more like days.  Thank you, thank you, thank you, Jim.  You have my highest recommendation.”

Nancy, Fort Collins, CO


“I deeply appreciate Jim’s gentle, healing manner. I like his insight and helpfulness when he is working with people.”

Ken Keyes, Jr., author: “Handbook to Higher Consciousness”


“I cannot put in words how much I appreciate the help I have received from Jim over the course of almost 20 years. His insight, compassion, wisdom, and humor have all helped me to overcome obstacles to personal growth and fulfillment and guided me through many tough times, showing me how to make the best of everything.

He continues to teach me how to use mindfulness to turn my inner gremlins into allies, enabling me to grow up, get out of my own way, enjoy my humanity, and make every moment of this precious life matter. I feel the deepest gratitude for the opportunity to have him as my mentor on this life’s journey. Namaste”

Don Matesz, L.Ac., Phoenix, AZ


“More than any therapist or wise one I’ve consulted over a long life, Jim Lehrman has made it feel safe and very interesting to explore handicaps to happiness I habitually erect.”

Geraldine Gilbert, RN, Green Valley, AZ


“We have been working with Jim for personal and business coaching for over three years. He adds value in many different areas, and has been of great help in our inter-country moves, career-changes, starting our own businesses, and other life-changing decisions. We would recommend him for all of your coaching needs.”

Ray and Marianne Hyland, British Columbia, Canada


“My journey with Jim has been one of steady progress. Jim has a knack for gently steering without making you feel like he is leading or controlling. I found this wonderfully empowering.

Jim equipped me with the tools and principles to help myself, and then he helped me use them. He walked beside me, letting me lead the way, and nudging me in the right direction if I got lost. I felt like he was my “life coach” rather than a therapist.

Unlike my previous therapist, who listened but did not guide or empower me, Jim did both. Previously, I had felt like therapy was a dumping ground – a 50-minute session in which I simply talked about everything that was bothering me without resolution or direction. With Jim, however, it felt like a forward-moving journey fueled by insights. In fact, Jim’s insightfulness often startled me.

He was particularly good at helping me understand and interpret my dreams, and he helped me realize that highly emotional or recurring dreams always hold important messages for the dreamer. Other times, he would paraphrase what I had just said, but in a way that helped me more deeply understand the meaning behind my own words.

Jim is also excellent at retaining details from past sessions and helping me put two and two together. There have been many times when he reminded me of something I had said in the past that helped shed light on what I was experiencing in the present.”

Connson Locke, PhD, London School of Economics, London, England


“My 9 year old son has had two sessions focusing on his painful obsession with feelings and thoughts that torment him. And, in that short time, he has gone from a highly anxious perfectionistic child to a more relaxed and self-confident one. Jim Lehrman has helped him learn to relax and step out of stressful social or school situations and look at them more objectively. It is a joy to see my son enjoy being himself after struggling his whole life with his perfectionism.”

Carolyn Settle, M.S.W. Scottsdale, AZ