I enjoy teaching people to observe how they put together their experience in the moment and how to use that understanding to reliably create experience that is fulfilling.  Through my role as a present-centered therapist, teacher, trainer, consultant, coach, mentor, mediator, and director of such organizations as Omega Institute in New York and Interface Foundation in Boston, I have over 40 years experience helping people incorporate the benefits of self discovery into their efforts towards self improvement. I take a present-centered approach, which nurtures your ability to live in your experience and to live effectively.  Attention is focused more on how you organize your experience in the moment and less on personal history that you might use to explain your experience and which may inadvertently lock you into a self-defeating entranced identity.  This approach paves the way for discovery of how you create your self-defeating identities. When you know what you’re doing, you’re no longer entranced and are at choice to change what you’re doing.

Modalities I use include Hakomi, a highly experiential, efficient, effective, and compassionate approach that embodies principles of Taoism, Morita, a Zen-based therapy from Japan created in 1928, and Stephen Wolinsky’s Quantum Psychology, rooted in Advaita Vedanta and Mahayana Buddhism.  Additionally, and ultimately, I use principles, methods, and exercises I’ve developed over the years that provide clients with practical tools and comprehensive perspectives to develop life-long empowerment over the mechanics of how they create their experience in the moment.  I call this work Making the Moment Matter®, which since 1984 has provided a path of self-discovery, freedom, and empowerment to people committed to taking responsibility for their personal development.

For a detailed listing of my professional experience and education, please see my Curriculum Vitae page.

People I work with include individuals, couples, families, organizations, and communities.  I coach such diverse people as managers and executives, lawyers, therapists, college professors, creative collaborators in music, literature, film and television, and individuals ranging from 9 years old to 94.

Therapists, executives, and other professionals across the country, in other continents, and as far away as Hong Kong have been using me as a resource in response to both personal and professional issues.  I mentor, supervise and train therapists, and offer coaching, consultations, and long term mentoring to anyone capable of applying themselves seriously to personal development.