To Trance Or Not To Trance

How do you know you’re in a trance? If you’re seeing something, feeling something or thinking about something as being anything other than just “stuff”, you are in a trance. It is through trance that we take the stuff of our environment and experience and turn it into something that both radiates and resonates meaning, significance, associations and connotations, none of which exist.

But think about this: We think we don’t want to be in a trance; We think we have to wake up out of our trance. But if waking up out of the trance means seeing everything from that quantum level of no meaning – just more “stuff” – where’s the fun in that?

Maybe the goal is simply to be AWARE of our comings and goings through the multi-dimensional world of trance; and through that awareness, having choice… and having amusement at our choices.

Copyright © 2014 Jim Lehrman

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